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The Power Behind Biden

The Power Behind Biden

Image Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

One thing is clear about Joe Biden.  The lights are on but nobody’s home.  Or maybe someone is home, but it is an elderly relative who needs a lot of help around the house and probably should have his car keys taken away.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a great deal of sympathy for Joe Biden and his issues caused by aging.  However, the leader of the free world should not be suffering so severely from cognitive issues.  I won’t beleaguer you here with pages and pages of transcripts showing nonsensical and scrambled thoughts in interviews, debates, and public speaking.  Rather, I went ahead and dug into the Biden administration to try to figure out who might really be in charge and wielding power behind Biden.  Essentially, we are looking for the Democrat version of Dick Cheney (you probably remember the leftist conspiracy theories about the “puppet master” during the Bush administration).  What goes around comes around, I suppose.  So here is my best attempt at figuring out who actually runs the Biden administration considering his diminished capacity. 

#1: Definitely not Kamala

This may come as a surprise, but we can definitively rule out Kamala Harris as being the one running the show behind the scenes.  Vice President Harris is notably disengaged from the administration and its problems.  It seems she is doing everything possible to distance herself from Biden, likely because he isn’t “woke” enough for the younger Democrats to whom Harris plays.  She doesn’t want to tarnish her image for the next election cycle by taking the wrong stance on, well, anything.  She is keeping her mouth shut and avoiding any soundbites that could hurt her in the primaries when the more woke crowd runs the show. Not only this, but there are rumors that Biden doesn’t even like Harris.  Apparently he was very upset when she insinuated he was a racial bigot during one of the early presidential debates, reportedly muttering, “well, that was some f—— bullshit” on commercial break. This insinuation also upset his wife and attack dog, Dr. Jill Biden, who reportedly shouted in a call afterwards that Kamala could “go f*#k herself.” Supposedly for this reason many influential people in Biden’s inner circle actively lobbied against her selection for the Vice Presidential slot.  Maybe if we could find out who convinced him to run with Harris, we’d know who really has Biden’s ear. Regardless, it is safe to say that Kamala Harris is not running the Biden administration considering how many close to the President seem to dislike her, along with her disengagement from the administration.

#2: Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff

Senate Republican Whip John Thune, speaking of Ron Klain, has said “We’ve gotten the impression from our members that have been in meetings down there that he’s kind of the guy behind the curtain.” Apparently Republicans throughout Congress secretly refer to Ron Klain as “Prime Minister Klain.” Klain has a lot of friends around Washington, and has been influential among powerful Democrats since the 1980’s. He worked as a lawyer on Capitol Hill, as a speechwriter for multiple frontrunner democrats running for president, and as Chief of Staff for two Vice Presidents – Gore and Biden.    His deep experience working with Biden, the trust that is there, along with the close physical proximity the Chief of Staff has to the President, makes Ron Klain our top pick for who is actually calling the shots in the Biden Administration.

#3: Susan Rice

Another D.C. insider, Susan Rice worked on the National Security Council for the Clinton Administration, then served as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations during Obama’s first term. During Obama’s second term she became his National Security Advisor, an extremely high-ranking role. In this position Obama trusted her with some of his biggest (and most radical) projects, including the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  With this resume she is one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington.  She was almost chosen for the VP because she had a good relationship with Biden, but lost out due to her ties to the Clinton-Benghazi debacle.  President Biden ultimately named her to the role of Domestic Policy Council Director.  This raised eyebrows around D.C since Rice traditionally works in foreign policy.  The mismatch of her history to this role fuels speculation that the Democrats just wanted to get this influential woman into an un-controversial position close to Biden, from which she could quietly wield influence and power behind Biden.

#4: Barack Obama

You might have noticed a common thread between the previous two names.  Both worked in the Obama administration as high-level officials!  This feeds the theory that the Biden administration is really just Act III of the Obama era. Not only are many of Obama’s top people in power with Biden, but Biden himself always seemed to be extremely close to President Obama.  Given how tight they are, and all the former Obama staffers around the White House, it isn’t too much of a leap to think that Obama might be brokering a lot of power in his own shadow presidency.  The popularity of Obama on the left, and all his loyal supporters in Washington (including the media) would make it easy for Obama to wield power behind Biden.

Concluding thoughts

It is disturbing that an unelected shadow president is probably exercising ultimate power in Washington. It does not seem possible that Joe Biden is actually exerting much influence given his obvious and serious cognitive decline.  One wonders if top democrat donors and politicians knew during the election who would really be running the show? Or if it just happened spontaneously in the power vacuum?  What are your thoughts regarding the real power behind Biden – was it planned, or did the deep state just step up to fill the void?