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Not My Prime Minister, Safe Spaces for Women, and Impeachment (Episode 11)

Not My Prime Minister, Safe Spaces for Women, and Impeachment (Episode 11)

Happy New Year! In this episode of the American Culture Podcast we talk about (1) the dumbing down of the American high school student via the Common Core; (2) British protesters who don’t understand what an election is; (3) Women who want men to respect their sanctuaries; and (4) My brief thoughts on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

One important program note that I want to mention – the American Culture Podcast is now being carried on both Spotify and on iHeartRadio, which is huge.  Those two platforms have really dived into the podcasting market to compete with Apple Podcasts and Google Play.  But the bottom line is that getting added to those sites greatly expands our reach, and also gives our listeners (and potential listeners) more options and more ways to find us.

Also, a reminder that even when I’m not recording podcast episodes, I am still active on the Facebook page ( and the Twitter account (@AmCulturePod).  So I hope you’ll follow us on our social media accounts to get much more of the type of content I share on the podcast. And I hope you’ll tell your Facebook and Twitter friends about us, so we can increase our online footprint and spread the word.

Caricature of Boris Johnson courtesy of DonkeyHotey (